This Spirit section focuses on identifying, exploring, affirming, deepening, evolving, and/or transforming what inspires us and gives us meaning. From a holistic perspective, tapping into inspiration and meaning can happen in many ways, but the topics I chosen to include in this section have been particularly helpful for me. I think they can support our efforts to address some of the challenges in the initial cycle of the Heroine/Hero’s Journey – the Call.

While exploring Spirit, as used here, we move within Ann Hale’s Sociometric Cycle from spring to summer and within Jean Houston’s model into the state of connecting with ‘I Am’ – the dimension of Spiritual Mystery.

We still belong to ourselves, but we’ve heard the Call and are starting to disconnect from some of the ways others have come to expect us to be. To do that, we must tap into our deepest resources of inspiration and meaning – into the ‘I Am’, or Spiritual Mystery, dimension of our life.

All of the areas listed below (but accessed through the drop-down menus above) have been integral in the evolution of my own spiritual path. I hope they offer you opportunities to deepen, expand and enrich your own life.

Please use drop-down menus above to explore the following:

Consciousness, Worldviews, Myth, Personal Values, Theories of Development, and Self-Compassion

Selected Resources – Consciousness, Worldview, Myth, Personal Values, Theories of Development, and Self-Compassion; Developmental Theories


Selected Resources – Spirituality


My Experience with Shamanism

Selected Resources – Shamanism

Divine Feminine and Feminist Spirituality – with Selected Resources


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