Who We Are

MaryCatherine BurgessMaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess (MCB), PhD, TEP, LPC – Founder and President of WBA. I have an interdisciplinary educational background, a diverse work history, and a rich array of experiences that have prepared me for contributing my talents, gifts, and visions at this time of global transformational change and conscious evolution.

My love of learning has led to several postgraduate educational degrees, professional licensures and certifications, and in-depth training in shamanism and shamanic healing, mystery school, and explorations into what it means to be a universal human.

Having worked in the USA, Italy, and the United Kingdom, I currently am striving to divide my time between the USA and the UK. Some of my professional roles have been as human relations and transformational change consultant; spiritual counselor; teacher; trainer of psychodrama, sociometry, sociodrama, sociatry, and group psychotherapy; shamanic practitioner, and internal examiner for doctoral students’ theses.

Additional roles have included spirituality and multifaith chaplain; ordained minister and presider at ceremonies; retreat planner and facilitator; university honorary fellow, research fellow, and course organizer/teacher of two summer school courses (Power of Myth – The Hero’s Journey in the Transformation of Self and the World and Exploring Personal and Collective Stories through Enactment); postgraduate supervisor; personal injury claims representative; and leader of corporate programs in medical management, quality integration, and organizational effectiveness.

I have an early history of active involvement and leadership in civil rights, peace and justice initiatives, in addition to university and community human relations programs and projects. In the late 1970s I co-founded and lived in an intentional community in the Bemis Park neighborhood of Omaha. Some time later, friends and I together started the Omaha Celtic Group and the White Buffalo Singers.

Shortly after my move to Scotland in 2001, I enjoyed playing keyboard and singing at numerous folk sessions with Torcull Kennedy, my friend and musical partner in Hamely Fare. Since that time, I also have taken great delight in sharing lunch and life with the Church of the Holy Girlfriends; exploring heart and soul issues with Heart of Flesh retreat participants and those involved in multifaith learning; and embarking on esoteric adventures into myth and meaning with members of the Edinburgh Grail Questers.

Through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in 2014, I became a graduate facilitator of the Conscious Aging Program, and in 2015, was invited by Dr. Marilyn Schlitz to serve as one of her pilot facilitators for workshops that accompany her book and the film of the same name, Death Makes Life Possible, which she co-produced with Deepak Chopra.

Finally, since around 2011, I’ve become increasingly involved with the Charter for Compassion, the Boundless Compassion Program in Omaha, and numerous other compassion initiatives at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, the UK, and Omaha. If ever we needed to figure out how to live ‘compassion’, it is now.

MCB Publications and Links

Book: (2008), A New Paradigm of Spirituality and Religion. London: Continuum0826499651
Article: (2010), ‘Growing a Multifaith Chaplaincy’, Journal of the TCMA (Tertiary Campus Ministry Association) 4(1): 1-11
Book Review: (2013), ‘Meeting God in the Margins’, a review of Our God is Undocumented: Biblical Faith and Immigrant Justice by Ched Myers and Matthew Colwell, for Expository Times 124 (9), June 2013: 460-461

A World Book of ValuesEssays: (2013), ‘Compassion’ and ‘Spontaneity’, co-author of A World Book of Values, Belgium: Van Halewyck, December 2013, 73 and 337 (http://www.worldbookofvalues.com)

CV downloadable as pdf – MCB CV for Website – 18 February 2018 – USA




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