This section on Purpose focuses on ways of responding to life’s calling(s), facing challenges, gathering resources, drawing upon personal and shared values, and collaborating with compassion to make a positive difference in the world. As in other sections, a holistic perspective acknowledges that this can happen in many ways, but the  topics listed below have been particularly helpful for me.

They also can be supportive as we move from saying ‘Yes’ to the Call of the Heroine/Hero and begin the Journey. To do so, we must leave the comfort of life as we’ve known it; meet the threshold guardians of our fears; step across that threshold into unfamiliar territory; and travel the Road of Trials, where we meet and wrestle with those fears or ‘dragons’ we metaphorically need to face.

Fortunately, this also is when Compassionate Allies come to support, guide, and protect us along that Road of Trials – our path of transformation. Within Ann Hale’s sociometric cycle, this is the season of autumn, when the chaos of transformation leaves us feeling as if we no longer belong to ourselves or to the world. It’s like experiencing the ‘mush’ of being between caterpillar and butterfly.

Ironically – yet consistent with the arrival of Compassionate Allies, Jean Houston’s model places us in the Mythic/Symbolic realm of ‘We Are’. Here we connect to universal and archetypal energies and patterns present in cultures throughout the world, and we mythically join others who have faced the same challenge of finding their own path.

May the resources below be counted among your Compassionate Allies.

Please use drop-down menus at the top to explore the following topics:


Selected Resources – Compassion

Conscious Living (Holistic Health, Healing, and Wellbeing AND Aging with Grace) – with Selected Resources

Conscious Grieving and Dying – with Selected Resources

Heroine/Hero’s Journey, Dreams and Visions, Human Potential, and Mind and Brain

Selected Resources – Heroine/Hero’s Journey, Dreams and Visions, Human Potential, and Mind and Brain

Values-Based Transformational Leadership

Selected Resources – Values-Based Transformational Leadership


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