Descriptions of Workshops/Retreats/Courses

April 4, 2014                                                                                                                                  Workshop:   ‘Many Faces/Places: Getting Past Our Polarization’

Throughout this workshop we used sociometric, sociodramatic, and psychodramatic methods to explore ways of successfully moving through multicultural and diversity issues that often polarize people. In this case, we looked specifically at the issue of ‘faith’, which Professor James Fowler describes in his work on stages of faith development as ‘what one’s heart holds dear’ – what a person leans into in order to make sense of life.

Together we identified various family and societal elements and messages that contribute to formation of our worldviews about faith, as understood by Fowler. We then visualized a Life Walk that allowed participants to connect with turning points, challenges, breakthroughs, and blockages they have experienced in their own understanding faith. Out of that reflection emerged a protagonist, who was willing to explore in action one of those life shifts.

After the drama, sharing was followed by a short review of Fowler’s stages and how they reflect the diverse and evolving ways people perceive and experience ultimate meaning and purpose in their lives. This included noting that Fowler’s intention for this work is to move beyond understanding to a place in which we bring more love, compassion, and skill to our relationships, as we meet ourselves and other people exactly where we and they are.

Handouts will be available soon.


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