Healing and Transforming Self and the Wasteland

Throughout our lives, we experience numerous calls to seek new learning or adventure, face various personal and collective challenges, and contribute our gifts to a world that needs us. At this historic Time of paradigm shifts, upheavals, and what some might describe as a ‘Wasteland’ experience, our Best Selves are being called forth to Step Up and support each other in ‘Seeding the Chaos’ with the values, visions, and compassionate energy we need for a Healing Emergence into a New Story.

The Journey of the Heroine/Hero stands as a model for how we might identify, accept, and move through this critical, yet exciting, challenge. In 2018, we began a series of three Omaha workshops designed to explore that mythic model in community with others – starting in May with The Call and following in June with The Journey. The third workshop, The Return, was scheduled for October, but postponed until early 2019.

The Return workshop has now been set for 1 – 3 March 2019 in Omaha. Though helpful, it is not necessary to have attended the previous two events. The focus of this workshop is on The Return, but the overall herione/hero’s journey remains the context and wil be incorporated into the workshop. Please see Descriptions, Calendar, and Registration for futher information.

These workshops are experiential explorations that incorporate theory and practice, cross-cultural inclusive spirituality, action methods, music, movement, and other expressive arts that facilitate and support integration of new insights. They acknowledge and honor intergenerational Life Stages and archetypes, and they use the Sociometric Cycle to explore Seasons and Stages of the Heroine/Hero’s Journey.

WORKSHOP FACILITATOR:  MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess, PhD, LPC, TEP

Founder of White Buffalo Associates in 1993, MaryCatherine brings a lifetime of experience as a teacher; workshop and retreat facilitator; shamanic practitioner; trainer, educator, and practitioner of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy (TEP); chaplain/minister; CTT Facilitator with Barrett Values Centre; author; graduate facilitator for the IONS Conscious Aging Program; pilot facilitator for Death Makes Life Possible workshops (to accompany DMLP film); human relations consultant; licensed mental health practitioner in Nebraska; musician; student of Jean Houston’s Mystery School and School for Social Artistry; and co-founder of the Omaha Celtic Group.

She chaired the Religion Department at Holy Name High School in Omaha during the late 1970s and then worked for 13 years at Union Pacific Railroad in the areas of personal injury claims, medical management, quality integration, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.

When she moved to Scotland in 2001 to pursue a PhD, Cathy started working at the University of Edinburgh (UofE) in Edinburgh, Scotland, initially as Chaplain for Spirituality and Multifaith, where she also facilitated Feminist Spirituality retreats, workshops on Core Shamanism, and Shamanic Journey Drumming groups, as she’d done previously in Omaha.

In 2012-2013, she was hired as a UofE research fellow on a project exploring the relationship between spirituality and counselling. Then, in 2015, she taught two courses in the UofE’s Summer School. One was The Power of Myth and the Hero’s Journey, and the other was Enacting Personal Collective Stories (using action methods).

MaryCatherine currently is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Health in Social Science at the UofE​, a role that includes periodically serving as second supervisor for doctoral students in Counselling, who are exploring the relationship between spirituality and counseling. She also has been the Internal Examiner for graduating doctoral students whose research explored aspects of the spirituality and counseling connection.

She collaborates with leaders of various compassion and empathy initiatives at the UofE, often has contributed to the UofE Chaplaincy’s Roots of Compassion programme and Whole World/Whole Person hub, and serves on the UK Task Force for the Charter for Compassion. In June 2018, she completed facilitator training for the Boundless Compassion program, which is headquartered in Omaha.

Cathy began her psychodrama and sociometry training in 1979 in Omaha with John Nolte and Katlin Larimer. She’s also trained with Ann Hale and Donna Little, who often incorporate methods such as sociodrama, Playback Theater, and Family Constellations into their training. A trainer herself since 2010, when appropriate, Cathy integrates some of her experience and further training in Playback Theater, Family Reconstruction, and Theater of the Oppressed into her workshops and retreats.


DESCRIPTION and CALENDAR for 2019 Workshops


DESCRIPTIONS for 2018 Workshops

2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Colleen F. Anson

    Hi, Cathy. I want to attend the June Retreat but when I try to click on registration and payment, it doesn’t link to anything. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


    1. marycatherineb

      Hi Colleen,
      I’ll check the website and get back with you. For the May workshop, sometimes people have needed to use a different browser, in order to register. Try that, but I’ll still check. I’m delighted you want to come to the June retreat! Talk soon.


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