In 1993 I founded White Buffalo Associates (WBA) to address a global need for individual and collective healing from the wounds of alienation, fragmentation, and loss of mythic stories that contain the structures and patterns of possibilities needed to co-create a New Story for Our Time.

This New Story is about planetary interconnectedness, integral thinking, compassionate communities, and conscious evolution into a whole new order of meaning and being.

Origin of the Name

In the midst of my training in core shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and while still working for a major corporation, I met the White Buffalo Calf Woman (WBCW) for the first time in a shamanic journey to seek spiritual guidance for myself and the corporation for which I worked.

The WBCW appeared initially as a brown buffalo in a large herd of buffalo. She then turned into a white buffalo, who stood at the head of the herd. Very quickly, she further transformed into a woman and began communicating about the sacred systems nature of all life and how I might apply this teaching in my life and organizational work.

I followed her guidance, and when I eventually left that corporation, she urged me to start White Buffalo Associates, a business that strives to embody her teachings. The word ‘associates’ refers to how I, along with other collaborators, work together in service to the WBA mission.


The WBA logo was designed by Omaha graphic designer Janeen Macrino, who created several variations of it. I love this logo and was pleased to learn that Janeen won a national award for its creation. Thank you, Janeen!


The mission of White Buffalo Associates is to serve as an active global partner in healing and evolving the anima mundi, or world soul, of the Global Village this planet is currently waking up to becoming.

This is achieved by helping individuals, groups, organizations, and cultures retrieve the spirit, purpose, and community they need to rekindle personal and collective meaning, refocus dreams and visions into clear directions, and re-weave relationships into networks that call forth participation in birthing a new and compassionate world order.


The vision of White Buffalo Associates is to establish the Anima Mundi Foundation as a global partner in co-creating a worldwide network of ‘Anima Mundi Villages’.

Each of these villages/communities would incorporate its own expressions of common core components, such as a small intergenerational living community, retreat center, School for Social Artistry, integral healing arts center, and key elements of environmental sustainability that may resemble an eco-village.


The purpose of organizational values is to create a code of behavior that builds a cohesive culture and supports the mission and vision of that organization. Values for White Buffalo Associates were chosen using the Barrett Values Centre assessment and leadership process.

WBA Cornerstone values, which guide employees in their work, are:

  • financial stability
  • customer satisfaction
  • quality
  • continuous learning
  • creativity

WBA Operational values, which build trust, create community, and support vision, are:

  • physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance
  • interdependence
  • environmental awareness
  • strategic alliances/partnerships
  • compassion
  • global awareness
  • future generations

Guiding Principles

Humans are Co-Creators with the Life Force in transforming and evolving into a world of love, compassion, justice, spontaneity, play, humor, harmony, and healing.

We move toward what we declare is significant, which means our imaginations evoke immense power and need values-based guidance.

Servant Leadership with full spectrum consciousness calls forth the contributions and gifts of all for the greater good of all in the interconnected web of life.

Expressive arts, such as music, dance, and drama, can free the feminine spirit and restore balance in women and men.

Conscious healing and learning are integral and occur in all dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Happiness is more likely when we are open to outcomes, not attached to them.

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