Welcome! My name is MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess. With the skilled assistance of Heather Blenkinsop, who designed this website, I have created a place and space to explore and share my own work and some of the resources that have sustained and guided that work for many years.

Doing this seems important, because as a planetary society, we are in the midst of a whole systems transformational change that is unprecedented, rather daunting, and yet quite exciting. Meeting this challenge calls for:

consciously evolving to a more inclusive, diverse, and global worldview;

cultivating the values, beliefs, and spiritual practices that fuel those visions, behaviors, and systems that co-create a better world and provide stability as familiar external conditions shift;

and developing compassionate communities that collaborate to align values and behaviors in co-creating and implementing a Global Society of respect, care, and service to all life.

One way I have addressed these complexities is by striving to shift my own consciousness. When I am successful, I more effectively understand what is happening in my life and in the world around me. Another approach has been to reflect upon and gather for myself a variety of resources that support these shifts and stimulate intentional evolution into a bigger picture and a greater sense of compassion.

Not surprisingly, the initiatives I have just described align with the purpose of my business, White Buffalo Associates (WBA). What resources I offer you are based on my experience and study, but not on an exhaustive search in each area. Most topics provide a description of my own learning in that area and a listing of selected programs, links, and bibliographies useful to me, but also, I hope, supportive of your own self-study and growth.

In addition to promoting self-study for myself and others, I love to facilitate experiential retreats, workshops, courses, and training events designed to integrate heart and head, practice and theory, intuition and cognition. Our best learning occurs when we activate all of our human dimension: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Then we can thrive, because our values, beliefs, and behaviors fall into greater alignment, and we feel more whole.

Under EVENTS you will find periodic listings of experiential events I will be scheduling and facilitating. Some are half or full day tasters’ for a topic that needs additional time commitment to explore it adequately. Others are days, weekends, or weeklongs that stand alone. Often these offerings are part of a series spread over weeks, months, or sometimes a year.

If my scheduled dates, times, or locations don’t work for you, and members of your team, group, or organization are interested in one of the topics I address, please contact me to arrange an event or series designed for you.

May all of these resources – written and experiential – serve you well.


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