Welcome to the White Buffalo Associates (WBA) Website!

My name is MaryCatherine (also known as Cathy) Burgess. Through describing how my own life story and that of White Buffalo Associates have intertwined and evolved in holistic and fascinating ways, H. J. (Heather) Blenkinsop, who designed this website, and I have worked to co-create a place and space that we hope inspires and supports personal growth and collaborative ventures among kindred spirits motivated to birth a New and Compassionate World Order that benefits all life.

The tag line for WBA, which embodies its Mission and Vision, began with ‘Retrieving Spirit, Purpose and Community’, which I understood to be elements of the World Soul. Over time, that embodiment morphed into ‘Healing and Evolving the Anima Mundi/World Soul’. By World Soul, I mean a Life Force that by energizing us – and receiving our reciprocal response – breathes more co-creative energy into our entire planet, universe(s) and cosmos, as we awaken more fully to our interdependence and interrelatedness as One. Central to why WBA exists is a call to heal those wounds that have blinded us to our unity with each other and our collective Life Force and to cultivate and evolve a Consciousness of Oneness.

Shifting Paradigms

Indeed, if you explore the various website sections, you will find a holistic pattern that reflects a movement beyond a patriarchal paradigm of dominance and control toward an emerging paradigm of partnership, in which small groups of people, who are aligned with their Life Force and dedicated to co-creating a world that benefits all life, join networks of other kindred spirit networks to nurture and support each other across ecosystems. This version of ‘Indra’s Net’ is another way of articulating how I see Spirit, Purpose, and Community interacting to heal and evolve the Anima Mundi/World Soul.

Spirit, Purpose, and Community, along with Story, interact in a holistic way, which is why I divided those categories into overlapping website sections. Periodically, I shift topics to different sections to match my current thought process and understanding. These are soft boundaries that I hope will encourage you to engage with what resonates with you, not confuse your own way of organizing your thoughts and perceptions.

Though I try to update this site as often as I can, I often fall behind. Please have patience. Being a ‘webmaster’ without extensive ‘tech’ experience is challenging, but I’m grateful to Heather for her help, when I occasionally call upon her for guidance. 

Hope and Possibilities

During this era of unprecedented whole systems transformational change, when our personal and collective shadows are rising from the depths, we have opportunities to face and heal those shadows and to ‘seed this chaos’ with visions, values, and actions that reflect a worldview in which all are interrelated, interdependent, and mutually committed to co-creating a globally just society that embodies the greater good for all life on the planet.

Chaos can be daunting, but we know that order eventually will emerge. To influence the fabric of that order and to co-create a planetary wisdom society, all global citizens, universal humans, social artists, and future humans need each other’s support, encouragement, and solidarity to actively midwife this process with ‘seeds’ of compassionate justice. Thank you for doing your part.

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