Desired Impacts

On Individuals
White Buffalo Associates services are designed to:

  • evoke a global/universal paradigm of interconnectedness and compassionate concern for the systems-nature of all life
  • birth personal consciousness as a responsible Co-Creator of a loving and compassionate Global Village
  • reawaken and respect Intuition as an Equal Partner and Guide for the Intellect
  • catalyse personal and collective dreams, visions, and actions for the greater good
  • co-create a just, sustainable, and thriving future that serves the highest good of all life
  • rediscover the sacred nature work that is aligned with our deepest values
  • attend to transforming structural oppression and violence, where possible

On Society
The White Buffalo Associates vision strives to:

  • co-create presences and places that nurture aligned personal and collective visions of a loving, compassionate, just, sustainable, and thriving planetary society with globally just leaders
  • bring healing, hope, vision, and a sense of universal harmony and interconnectedness to an evolving and richly diverse society
  • provide models and opportunities for co-creating and developing compassionate, just, forgiving, and sustainable living communities that thrive in serving the highest good of the evolving Anima Mundi
  • facilitate, nurture, and support societal wellbeing physically,
    emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in making values-driven
    decisions that serve the highest good of self and all life

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